Alternative Interior Decoration is the Tahuma philosophy behind the development of this collection, the sophisticated design, of components and accessories for interior design which offers designers and consumers with an eye for quality an all-Italian manufacturing process producing turned metal elements, cables, tubes, bars and accessories.
Discover new opportunities for completing the interior design for: kitchen, bathroom, living area, bedroom, utility rooms, cellar, garage, corridors, garden and every other environment.

Tailor-made solutions

With Tahuma interior decoration systems, every solution is “Made to Measure” because the individual components are assembled in interior design items based on the requirements of the designer.
There is always the right alternative solution for small or large spaces and every part of the home, office, retail outlet, exhibition, accommodation or hospitality environment. .

Discover a company which adapts perfectly to your ideas and designs with quality materials and Made in Italy manufacturing standards

Tailor-made solutions


Discover the section dedicated to designers and consumers who have wished to share the quality of their creations and communicate their satisfaction from both an aesthetic and functional viewpoint thanks to Tahuma interior design accessories.

Interior and exterior signage, support systems for shelving, display systems, dynamic systems for art galleries, all the items for retail, recreational, professional, domestic and social spaces, all with the hallmark of Made in Italy quality design.


See the quality

A reference library of design topics, each book a journey through the transformation of spaces, each page a tale of creativity, each component an ode to the quality of products Made in Italy and the confirmation of Tahuma know-how where design is the cornerstone of any project.

Take a look at the sales and technical documentation to find out about the opportunities and applications of Tahuma interior design components.