Alternative Interior Decoration

Think of Tahuma as freedom because Tahuma designs and manufactures high quality finish components turned in brass, steel or aluminium in free association with all the other components and accessories needed to expand the solution criteria for every interior decoration requirement.

The Tahuma range is a coordinated system of elements which can be connected, according to the requirements of the design, capable of creating, inventing, re-inventing and optimising functions and spaces in any environment: kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, bedroom, guest room, utility rooms, cellar, corridors and garden, in every kind of environment: domestic, business, professional, social and recreational, with an outstanding visual impact. 

These Tahuma systems interchange cables, bars and tubes in a continuous and varied interplay of complements for interior decoration grounded in design excellence and the intelligent use of space.
Each individual component incorporates the same DNA of the entire collection so as to be compatible with every other element in an integrated system which provides infinite solutions available to all the designers who through the Technical Component Manual discover the values of the Tahuma range and how they can play it to their advantage for any and every design requirement. 

Tahuma is a workshop that thinks, designs, experiments, tests, produces and sells articles for interior design solutions, with components and accessories which are alternative in the same way as our philosophy is alternative, open to all designers who wish to develop exclusive products for their own designs and thus render them alternative too.
Tahuma’s know-how is rooted in its history of precision automatic turning since 1961, the high quality standard of the processes and finishes, all components turned with cutting edge technology, and checked at every stage of manufacturing in order to yield the high quality you expect from a product Made in Italy. 

All production processes can be adjusted for small, medium or large quantities and custom packaged for the most efficient management of quantities with the EAN13 code as a guarantee of efficient logistics. 
The materials processed are:

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Tahuma offers a wide range of products and further information can give a greater chance for a design to be optimised with technical considerations, suggestions for composition and installation and maintenance instructions. Moreover, all you can see on this website are simply suggestions which can be expanded with new configurations.

Discover a company which goes beyond the product and places itself at the service of the designer or retail outlet in order to make any project possible.

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Discover the section dedicated to designers and consumers who have wished to share the quality of their creations and communicate their satisfaction from both an aesthetic and functional viewpoint thanks to Tahuma interior design accessories.

Interior and exterior signage, support systems for shelving, display systems, dynamic systems for art galleries, all the items for retail, recreational, professional, domestic and social spaces, all with the hallmark of Made in Italy quality design.